The Summer 2012 Olympic Games in London start tomorrow! Opening session begins 9pm (London Time) and 3pm here in the Midwest. The Olympic Games are sure to be every bit as thrilling and dramatic as they were in 2008.

For the entire Olympic Games schedule, see NBC’s website here:

If the Olympic Games don’t hype you up enough, we have our own series of sporting feats and events that are just as exciting as the Games’ themselves! We’ve worked hard to challenge our Intramural participants year after year with exciting programs, leagues, and events for a chance to win the coveted — Intramural Championship T-Shirt!

Our traditional Intramural Pocket Schedule will be available for pick-up and use starting August 13 in our facility. Look for us on campus this Fall as we promote these programs. Also remember, registration is online and available for you 24/7 through IMleagues! You can visit our website for a how-to guide on registering, or just jump right in to the IMleages website, 

Here is our Fall Intramural Schedule:
Edwardsville Block Party Bags Tournament –  August 24 at 8pm ($10)
Cougar Welcome 5K – August 26 at 10am (FREE)
Outdoor Tennis League – Due September 5 ($45 including forfeit fee)
Tennis Tournament – TBD Date & Time (FREE)
Flag Football League – Due September 12 ($45 including forfeit fee)
Softball League – Due September 19 ($45 including forfeit fee)
Sand Volleyball Tournament – September 21 at 2pm (FREE)
Volleyball League – Due October 3 ($45 including forfeit fee)
Dodgeball League – Due October 10 ($45 including forfeit fee)
Badminton Tournament – October 12 at 2pm (FREE)
Wii Sports Tournament – October 15, 16, 17 at 6pm (FREE)
3 on 3 Basketball Tournament – October 21 and 28, Registration Due October 17 ($10)
Pre-Season Hoops – Registration Due October 31 ($45 including forfeit fee)
Bouldering (Climbing) Tournament – November 2 at 2pm (FREE)
Power Lifting Competition – November 8 at 5pm (FREE)
X-Fit Challenge – November 8 at 5pm (FREE)

Considering half of our events are FREE there is no excuse not to participate in at least ONE Intramural event this year. Now if the $45 entry and forfeit fee have you down, don’t forget multiple members on a team help to distribute that fee among others. It shouldn’t cost you more than $5 per person!

PLUS! If your team consists of 75% on-campus housing residents, you can have your entire registration fee waiver by housing! Contact your community director about this special offer.

See you on the trail, field, or court this year!
– Maria