On Friday, September 7, I had the unique opportunity of representing SIUE as a film crew from FLW Fishing and NBC Sports came to campus to do a feature spotlight on the University. How and why? The Bass Master’s Club was participating in the National Guard FLW College Fishing Central Conference Championship that weekend at Carlyle Lake. Only a 45 minute drive from the Edwardsville campus, SIUE was selected as the “host school” for the event.

On that Friday, I came to work early to meet Annie and her camerman, representatives from FLW Fishing and took a tour of campus with them, Keith, Assistant Director of Rec Programs for Campus Rec, and Doug, Director of Marketing and Communications and SIUE Public Affairs.

First Stop: Cougar Village, SIUE Gardens and the Cougar Lake Recreation Area
Both guests couldn’t help but awe at the beauty of SIUE’s campus. So many strong and beautiful trees flood campus and are accented by unique wildlife and foliage. Surprisingly, we didn’t see one deer on our tour of campus that day. I bet you’ll see at least 6 on your drive home this afternoon.


Second Stop: SIUE Wordmark Signs
On their way in to meet with us that morning, the film crew captured video of the entrances to SIUE, including some lucky commuters. On our leg of the tour, Annie noticed an SIUE Wordmark sign that featured the campus in the background. These buildings specifically included, Woodland Hall, Morris University Center, Rendleman Hall, Student Success Center, Founders Hall, and Alumni Hall.

Third Stop:
The Center for Spirituality and Sustainability, Campus Art and Sculpture

Driving through campus, the film crew noticed a unique building, better known as the Center for Spirituality and Sustainability. The Center’s dome was designed by R. Buckminster Fuller who was the original architect of the geodesic dome. Here, we found a unique view of the SIUE Campus water tower and inclusion of unique campus art  created by our very own students. It was a perfect place for more footage. We spent more time here than the first two stops, and various angles of campus were taken. Additionally, the Engineering Building can be seen in background.

Fourth Stop: SIUE Quad
If you had class last Friday between 11am-12pm, you may be caught on camera! Our last stop included shots of campus life, specifically on the Quad in front of the Morris University Center. Annie mentioned that this was the most students they had seen on a college campus on a Friday.

After some footage of campus foot traffic, we set-up an interview with some members of the Bass Master’s Club (new members who had not previously qualified for the tournament) and their friends. It was funny to see them attempt many takes of this shot. I was asked to be in it, but for anyone who knows me… I can’t keep a straight face on camera for my life.

After eating lunch and getting to know the film crew even more, we boarded the bus to Carlyle Lake to see the club team at the end-of-day weigh in! Other GAs, members of the Club Football team and Cheerleading Club were in attendance to show their Cougar Pride.

SIUE, didn’t have as great of a weekend as they had hoped, but it was still a cool experience and fun to see the fish that were caught!

Tournament Results:
Jacob Hicks & Joseph Tischer: 11th Place
Brian Gass & Zach Hartnagel: 17th Place
Brad LeMasters & Justin Skinner: 18th Place

More on the tournament results: http://www.flwoutdoors.com/bassfishing/collegefishing/tournament/2012/6933/central-conference-championship-teammember-results/

Before we left, we managed to take a picture of the Bass Master’s Club members and the Cheerleading club on the FLW Stage. All in all it was a great weekend, and we’re proud of our SIUE Cougars!

Next week we’ll have another post about the Bass Master’s and how you can get involved with this club!

– Maria Sdonas