We caught up with Jacob Hicks, representative from SIUE Bass Master’s Club. Members from the Club were represented at the 2012 FLW College Fishing National Tournament in April in South Carolina, finishing 25th. After a great year in 2011-2012, the Club is looking to continue that excellence ride into a new school year!

The new year started with the Central Regional Championship on Carlyle Lake on September 6-8, in which SIUE was the host school. More about that experience, see previous article here.

When was the Bass Master’s Club established at SIUE?
The Club was established in 2006.

When did you start fishing?
When I was real young my dad started taking me to a local pond and we fished together I can’t remember the age but as long as I can remember.

Why did you join the club organization at SIUE?
I love to fish and I wanted to move to the next level of tournament fishing.

What is your favorite thing about participating in Club Sports at SIUE?
I get to meet new people and educate others about the sport of fishing.

How often does the club get together to fish?
We try to get guys together each week out on Cougar Lake (on campus).

What is it like to travel and compete against different schools?
Off the water we are all friends. But on the water we all compete pretty hard against one another. So it makes for fun tournaments

What is a tradition your club has?
Our state tournament we all get together and fish against the other Illinois collegiate anglers.

What is your favorite memory participating in Club Sports?
Finishing second with my friend and partner Joseph Tischer on the Mississippi River in Lacrosse

What is the club most looking forward to this year?
Making it back to the regional championships next year

What if someone is interested in joining Bass Master’s Club?
How can they find more information?  The club sports page has a link to our club president’s email or they can email me at jachick@siue.edu and we will inform them as to upcoming events.

More information about Club Sports here.

We Club Hard,