We caught up with Amanda Hyett, president of the Equestrian Club about her experiences riding at SIUE! Did you know, this year at Preview Day, many prospective students expressed interest in joining this outstanding organization.

When was the Equestrian Club established at SIUE?
The Equestrian Club began in the Fall of 2008 by Leslie Harmon.

When did you start riding horses?
I have been riding ever since I can remember. We have always had horses, so it can be difficult to say exactly when I started.

Why did you join the club organization at SIUE?
I joined because I was actively showing while in high school, and discovered the opportunity to continue that while still in college.

What is your favorite thing about participating in the Equestrian Club at SIUE?
Meeting other people who share a similar passion. I wouldn’t have met, and be the person I am today if it weren’t for the people I have met through the Equestrian Club.

How often does the club get together to ride horses?
Mostly it is done independently through our riding coach, but we try for one group trail ride a semester.

What is it like to travel and compete against different schools?
A little nerve raking! Everyone is so good, and you never know what kind of ride you are going to have because you never know what kind of horse you will get.

What is your favorite memory participating in the Equestrian Club?
Car rides to shows! So early, but so worth it!

What is the club most looking forward to this year?
Getting everything moving in a fluid and forward motion!

What if someone is interested in joining Equestrian Club? How can they find more information?
They can email our club email siueequestrianclub@gmail.com and I will personally get back to them!

We Club Hard,