As you may know, the Spring 2013 Group Fitness schedule was released this week, and the first set of classes began on Monday. What may have come as a surprise to you is that our popular class “EveryBODY Yoga” is now a specialty program. This means that Student Fitness Center members must pay an additional fee in order to participate.

This new specialty class requires a pre-registration and fee. $15 (students) and $25 (SFC members) is required and allows you access to any EveryBODY Yoga class for the entire Spring 2013 semester. You can register at the SFC Reception Desk at any time.

There are a few reasons for this change. Most importantly, yoga instructors are highly valued and in order to employ the best instructors, we must pay them a premium wage. This is because yoga instructor certifications are significantly higher than other group fitness counterparts. These certifications can be as much as $1000.

What we are doing is charging for the difference in what we invest in a normal Group Fitness class compared to what it costs to pay for a Yoga instructor. Compared to many yoga classes at other local facilities, a cost of $15-$25 for 4 months of yoga is very affordable.

We hope that you understand this change and are still excited to participate in this class, regardless of the small additional fee. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause for you, our patrons. You are invited to ask us any additional questions at the SFC Reception Desk or by contacting Shannon Centrelli at (618) 650-5611 /

Full Group Fitness schedule: