We’re in the second half of the Spring semester and its only 7 more weeks until Summer break! Gear up for summer and participate in a fun and challenging month-long fitness program — Indoor Ironman!

The challenge will take place between Monday, March 25th and Thursday, April 25th. You can begin registering today at the SFC Reception Desk. You can sign-up at any time during the month’s challenge.


So what is an Indoor Ironman?
An ironman is the mother of all races. Swim 2 miles, Bike 112 miles, and Run 26.2 miles.  Winners receive a
n awesome shirt announcing that you were a finisher of the SIUE Indoor Ironman!

There are 2 categories participants can choose to participate in – Individual Ironman or 3-Person Team Ironman  (Participants can only partake in ONE challenge!)
Details: 2 mile swim (35 laps-down and back), 112 mile bike (done on any bike in the facility- maybe a spin class?!), and a 26.2 mile run (treadmill, track, or the elliptical).

For more information, see the SFC Reception Desk or contact Alex Holmes, Fitness Graduate Assistant. aholmes@siue.edu or 618-650-5611.