We talked to Megan on the Dodgeball Club to get a little more insight on what makes this club so awesome! This recent club already has a large following and based on their practice- it’s tons of fun!
How long has Club Dodgeball been at SIUE? The dodgeball club started January 2016
How many members do you currently have? We have a Facebook group “Dodgeball Club of SIUE” that has about 45 members, but we just started so there isn’t a set list of members yet. Each night we have an average of about 27 people showing up.
What does an average practice look like? We have a wide variety of people coming out to play. We randomly make teams out of the participants and play one large game of dodgeball. Teams are shuffled throughout the night and game styles are varied depending on the number of participants in the night.
 What do the time and cost commitments look like? We play from 9-11 pm so people can show up any time they want on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and leave whenever they want. There’s no cost to join.
Do interested players need any dodgeball experience? No experience is needed, we go over the rules before we play.
 Do you plan on competing against other schools or playing in any tournaments? For now we aren’t planning on competing against other schools. But in the future definitely!
Fun fact about your club or dodgeball? Dodgeball club is a lot of fun because there are so many different kinds of games we can play. It keeps things interesting so we don’t end up doing the same thing every night.

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