Behind the Lens Seth is a graduating senior Mass Communications major. As a marketing intern, he works primarily with photography, videography and editing and also does some graphic design. Originally from Lawrenceville, IL Seth tells us a little bit more about his role.


What is your favorite part about the job? Getting to collaborate with the marketing team and other employees within Campus Rec in order to create the most effective projects.

What are your goals after graduating? Get a job! Ideally, getting into the outdoor videography (hunting/fishing) industry.

Favorite project during your time with Campus Rec? The weight room grand opening project. Watch the Before and After and weight room expansion videos!

Professional Tip: Don’t ever lose your confidence because you’re always learning.

Behind the Blog Meet Caitlin, a graduating Senior Mass Communications major! In addition to publishing the blog and writing articles, she works on social media and graphic design. She is from Alton, IL and is going to tell us a little bit more about being a marketing intern with SIUE Campus Recreation.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 8.31.58 AMWhat is your favorite part of the job? To be able to further develop my skills in an environment that promotes creativity.

Do you have plans after graduating? Get a job as a social media manager in the St. Louis area.

What has been your favorite project? Creating the “#WorthTheWeight Why I Lift board” to put in the old weight room before the expansion and seeing how much people participated.

IMG_3819Favorite social media platform? Instagram.

Professional Tip: Don’t be afraid to try different designs and ideas because you never know which one will take off. Don’t be afraid of creativity!


Behind the Designs Grant is a Junior studying graphic design. Originally from Troy, IL he is one of Campus Rec’s Graphic Designers.


Favorite part of the job? Opportunity to build my portfolio with bigger projects.

Favorite project so far? Cougar Welcome 5K T-shirt or the 2015-2106 intramural pocket schedule.



How would you define your style? Clean and sophisticated.

Dream job? Head designer of a small business (specifically a micro-brewery or coffee shop). I’m hoping to combine graphic design with other arts like drawing, printmaking, and photography.

Tip for designers: Don’t use Comic Sans or Papyrus!


Behind the Web Nick is a Computer Engineering Major  from Richton Park, IL. He is currently a Technology Intern with Campus Recreation.

March 2016 269

Favorite part of the job? Helping people with their issues and just talking to people!

Most important thing you’ve learned? More HTML and CCs coding just through having to create what others imagine for the website.

Dream job? Create Apps or work for Google. Maybe go out to California, I’m fine with the constantly warm climate.

Favorite project you’ve worked on? Editing the Club Sports webpage. I got complete freedom to update it! See the entire webpage at

webpage (Nick)


Behind the Marketing Austin is a Business Marketing Major from Springfield, IL. he works as a marketing intern and will be graduating this May.


Favorite part about Campus Recreation? The variety of student activities. I was able to attend the horseback riding trip which is something that I probably wouldn’t have perused on my own!

What’s next for your career? I am looking for full-time employment in the entertainment industry or the radio company I currently work at. Marketing or sales, ideally.

Favorite project you’ve done here? The Worth the Weight board for the new weight room expansion.

Advice for other marketers? Always be open to new forms of promotion.

Behind the Designs  Jordan is a  Graphic Design major from Troy, IL. He currently works as a graphic designer with Campus Rec.

Favorite project? The Parti Gras marketing materials.


Strength? Technical skills with the program and drawing/painting

What’s your style as a designer? Fun and quirky Illustrations.

Aqua Obstacle Course.axis-01

Looking forward to most working here? I just like working here because people are nice and I get to get paid to do graphic design, which is what my degree is in. I get a step ahead before other people and it’s exciting. I didn’t even expect to get paid for this job- I thought it would just be great experience.


Behind the Web Brad is a Computer Science Major from Alton, IL. He works as a Technology Intern here at Campus Rec.


Favorite part about the job? How laid back it is and how we get creative freedom of the website design. I also get to do some designs. Working with like-minded peers everyday gives me the opportunity to collaborate on projects.

Cool thing you’ve done this semester? Equipment set up, like the microphones and speakers, for special events and the website design.

Dream job? Video game developer.

What skills are you using currently that apply to game developing? Using programming skills, working with a team, design and the hardware- all aspects!

Favorite project so far? We are currently working on re-designing the website, which is going to be my favorite project, once it’s updated.