The SIUE Fencing Club attended a competition on Saturday, January 28th, 2017 at Buccaneer Blades Fencing.

Dr. Tim Jacks, club coach and advisor stated, “Overall, SIUE made a strong showing for our first tournament as a group. It was Gabe and Tim’s 2nd tournament. The SIUE Fencing Club trains in epee, although not all members make it their primary weapon. The club was able to prepare for the tournament thanks to funding from  Campus Recreation that allowed the club to purchase electric scoring equipment and weapons.”

There was a total of 11 competitors and the competition organizers publicly thanked SIUE for their participation.  The SIUE competitors were: Gabe Alfaro (student club president), Chris Maske (alumnus), Seth Blythe (student), and Tim Jacks (faculty advisor).

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